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When it comes to an illness, injury or recent surgery, you want to make sure you get the best rehabilitative care when recovering! We’re here to help get you moving again and reach your goals – rest assured knowing you’ve came to the right place at College Street Health Care Center.  Our highly skilled inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation therapy team provides a wide range of services by working directly with you, your family and your doctor. Our rehabilitative therapy programs are customized to each individual with an emphasis on personal service focused on positive functional outcomes.

Physical Therapy

Let’s help you live life to the fullest.

College Street’s individualized approach to physical therapy helps each resident regain strength and maximize their body’s potential. We offer a broad range of treatments to help increase flexibility, increase mobility, relieve pain, build strength, correct posture and increase overall function.

Occupational Therapy

Dedicated to helping you regain your independence.

The goal of our occupational therapy program is to decrease pain and edema following a stroke or other debilitating conditions. We’ll also work on improving upper extremity function and overall dexterity, independence and self-confidence that way you can regain the optimum levels of strength and endurance to perform ADL’s (activities of daily living).

Speech Therapy

Regain the confidence and skill to communicate more effectively.

Our speech pathology team can assess, diagnose and help prevent communication, voice and swallowing disorders within residents. Our certified speech pathologists teach alternative methods such as sign language, to residents with little or no speech, work with residents to increase their ability to properly read and write, develop and strengthen the muscles used to swallow and counsel families on how to cope with communication disorder.

IV Therapy

Through on-site IV therapy at College Street, residents can experience shorter and fewer hospital stays coupled with greater range of care.

Our nurses can provide residents intravenous hydration and antibiotics through IV which helps ensure that the body obtains an adequate supply of vitamins, minerals and medication to enable proper functioning and promote healing.

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